Why study with us

Establish Since 2008

We started our first Mandarin class since March 2008, we have nearly 10 years of Mandarin teaching experience.

Unique Method of Teaching

We use Montessori way of teaching. The lesson plans and environment are carefully prepared so all children are intrinsically motivated to learn. Each child has sensitive period to language which are transitory period of time in a child’s life when he is especially sensitive to certain things, sensitive period to language is one of them. During this period the children learn language more easily than at any other time. This is the golden age for children to learn a second or third language. Individual attention to children We provide small group lessons to ensure every child receives individual attention.

The aims of the  small group lessons are to ensure that every child not only receives the individual attention, but also enjoys learning and sharing with their peers  in our  carefully prepared Mandarin environment..

Qualified and experienced Montessori teacher

Our teachers are all highly experienced and qualified.

Native Chinese speaker

All our teachers are native Chinese speaker who speak standard mandarin.

Learning through carefully designed and prepared curriculum

We provide children with a unique cultural atmosphere and rich resources to meet their sensitive period for language.